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International UC LF Transport Model Launched at CTAA Expo

Champion Bus Launches International UC LF Transport Model at CTAA Expo
Imlay City, Mich. (Monday, June 3, 2013)– Champion Bus, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mid-size and custom commercial buses, today announced the launch of its latest low floor transit shuttle bus at the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) Expo 2013 at the Albuquerque Convention Center, June 2-7.

The International UC LF Transport represents the next generation of vehicles designed to meet and exceed the transportation needs of today’s passengers, providing the very best in vehicle accessibility. The patent and patent-pending chassis and suspension technologies eliminate interior steps and the need for inconvenient and cumbersome lifts, producing equal access and a positive transit experience for all riders.

“We are excited to showcase our proprietary innovative technologies at Expo 2013 and look forward to presenting our vision to industry and policy leaders,” said John Resnik, president of Champion Bus.

The International UC LF Transport is equipped with the latest electronic air-ride suspension system that offers an innovative self-leveling feature. The Equalizer® ramp system comes with automatic sensing technologies to provide a uniform ramp slope for improved accessibility. Removing steps from the bus improves route efficiency as boarding and exiting times decrease. Passengers and operators alike are pleased with the no-hassle ramp boarding, vehicle comfort, stable ride, and panoramic views seen through the large windows while in-transit. “Our Air-Chassis® low floor vehicle designs, together with our state of the art IntelliSYNC® air suspension systems, continue to set the industry bar with passenger accessibility,” said Garrett Smith, vice president of Dallas Smith. “We are all very excited about how these new technologies have not only transformed today’s transportation, but have made it easier, safer and more efficient for all.”

Priding itself on being one of the safest and most robust bus manufacturers in the industry, Champion Bus performs all manufacturing, engineering, compliance, research and development, aftermarket service and sales and marketing in Imlay City. “We specialize in innovation and our technology is important to this growing population,” Resnik said. “A durable and dependable low floor transit shuttle bus with no steps, no costly hydraulic lifts, no raised floor or restricted floor plan, will significantly improve accessibility for all passengers.”

CTAA Expo 2013 brings together industry representatives from around the nation to discuss fresh ideas and innovative products and services. Champion Bus, Inc. will also be presenting a workshop for low floor Transit experts to share their knowledge on the status of the industry. The workshop is scheduled for June 6, from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the Albuquerque Convention Center. The list of transit applications that benefit most from the Champion Bus, Inc. low floor shuttle bus products includes: fixed route, demand route, flex route, airport shuttle, assisted living, hotel, paratransit specific and community transport.