Zach LentesShepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry Company

Zach Lentes<small>Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry Company</small>

“We’ve been able to economize our fleet shuttles with the same models for commonality and ease of use.”

Champion Bus has been our exclusive supplier of airport parking shuttle buses for more than 10 years.

Working in conjunction with our local dealer, we’ve been able to continuously meet and evolve our application with what is available. Champion has evolved its models into an efficient and convenient design that works great for our application.

Previously, our shuttle customers had to lug baggage up stairs into a bus which is not a customer friendly operation. Also, physically challenged customers had to wait for the driver to utilize the chair lift which slowed the shuttle operation for all passengers. Champion gave us a customer friendly low-floor model that was ADA inclusive without an expensive lifting mechanism. Champion is our standard currently thanks to the new low-floor with the fold-out ramp, design refinements, and the local dealer support that’s always willing to work with us on the small details.

Robert GardnerSusquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority

Robert Gardner<small>Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority</small>

“People love the size of the buses and the easy access on and off the vehicle.”

We were in need of accessibility for our older guests and those with special needs. We also needed a larger bus that did not require a CDL license. Having worked with a local company that could not solve our transportation needs, we turned to Champion. It was the low floor, no steps buses that really sold us on them in the first place.

I was directed to Todd Hooper at Hoekstra Transportation, a great guy. Right away, the communications in the early stages of new builds exceeded our expectations. Champion Bus went out of their way to show us around their plant and give us a hands-on experience into their product. As we were under a tight deadline, they pushed our buses to the front of the assembly line to get us the buses on time for our ferry season.

We have had more compliments on our shuttle services than ever before. Our shuttle times around town have tremendously reduced due to accessibility. Between the quality of the buses, the customer service, and the technology of the low floor bus, it’s a great American made product!