Champion Bus

Maneuverability matters.

Perfect for fixed-route, hub-and-spoke, para-transit, shuttle, and rental car services.

LF Transport

This low-floor shuttle bus has it all – single-slope EqualizerRamp®, IntelliSync® ”Smart” suspension system with low-speed OverRise™ function and no lifts or multiple step entrances. And, it's built like a Champion for unmatched durability.

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This highly maneuverable, narrow-bodied shuttle is ideal for shorter trips and narrow, one-way streets. Choose between a Ford or Chevrolet chassis and enjoy upgraded interior finishes and exterior body style. Crusader is the go-to model for public transport, assisted-living facilities, hotels, and para-transportation.

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The Challenger is available on multiple chassis platforms and a variety of lengths to fit your transportation needs. Its wider body can accommodate many passenger configurations, ideal for longer routes and applications. The Challenger can be versatile in markets such as transit, para-transit, parking, hotel, assisted living, healthcare, tour and college.

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An Altoona tested, medium-duty shuttle bus with robust performance. The Defender’s sturdy structure and wide body offers the greatest passenger capacity in the medium-duty category; up to 45 passengers. This also allows the bus to span longer distances than most. The Defender is offered on multiple chassis platforms, ideal for tour, transit, para-transit and higher learning.

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CTS Front Engine

The CTS FE has an abundance of floor plans that can accommodate large groups and their belongings up to 47 passengers. The CTS model is ideal for public transport, higher learning and faith-based institutions.

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CTS Rear Engine

When capacity counts, this quiet rear engine model allows for optimum space utilization and hauling capacity. Used for a commuter shuttle, tour and as an over the road coach.

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