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Dealer Education

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Participants: 12 max per class

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Length: 60-90 minutes per class

When: Tuesday and Thursday; 2 PM EST
Note: Each week the same class will be taught on both days

General: After your registration is confirmed, you will receive an email with

  • Login information for the Zoom class
  • Handouts to download and print
  • Pre-class assignments if applicable

Prerequisites: The classes are divided into 3 Modules. Classes within a Module MUST be taken in order. Also, all classes in Module 1 MUST be completed before any other classes can be taken.

Note: Dealers who have at least 10 participants can schedule a class consisting of their employees only.

Module 1: General Sales Skills

The Value Equation: Using Features and Benefits
By the end of this session participants will understand the difference between a feature and a benefit and how to build value by increasing benefits.

Tools & Resources
In this class participants will discover several tools and resources provided by Forest River Bus to assist Salespeople in the Sales Process. In addition, participants will not only learn about several resources that they can use to be more successful, but also how to setup and incorporate them into their daily routine.

Module 2: Communication Skills

Effective Communication
The ability to communicate effectively across all channels will lead to increased customer satisfaction and more sales. In this class participants will discover the three ways we communicate and how best to not only use these, but also recognize what the other person is communicating when they use any of these. In addition, participants will discover the best communication channel (phone, email, text, video chat) to use based on the topics being discussed and the proper way to utilize that channel.

Listening Skills
The best salespeople are not great talkers; they are great listeners. In this session participants will learn how to become great listeners.

Questioning Techniques
The best skill to have, not only as a salesperson, but also in life, is the ability to ask good questions. In this session participants will learn this valuable skill.

Rapport Building
Participants, in this session, will learn rapport building skills. From how to make a great first impression to effectively using common ground, participants will uncover the importance of building rapport with customers to increase sales and profits.

Module 3: Sales Process

Prospecting 1: Identifying Quality Leads
In this session participants will discover the best resources to use to uncover possible leads and also how to properly qualify each lead.

Prospecting 2: Lead Management
Once a lead is identified and qualified, it must be managed to turn it into a customer. In this session participants will learn the best practices that will transform a lead into a customer.

Conducting a Proper Needs Assessment
In this session participants will learn how to perform a needs assessment that reveals what is most important to their customer when purchasing.

Presentation Skills: Using Stories to Sell
Research has found that people only remember 5-10% of the information that is conveyed through facts & figures, but over 65% of the information that is shared through a story. In this session participants will create stories that will inspire their customers.

Follow Up with Sold Customers
The best way to guarantee a sold customer will buy again is to ensure they do not forget who you are. In this session participants will discover how to be remembered.

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