Testing & Safety

To see what we mean, watch a few of the clips below from the Rollover Test we performed on a Champion® Bus at our facility in South Hutchinson, Kansas.

We understand that to be a champion, you must be proven. That’s why we tests our buses relentlessly to push our durability and strength to its absolute limits.

Our level of testing reflects our commitment to the safety of our customers by providing them with quality products that meet or exceed federal qualifications.

Champion® is among the highest in the industry to send products to be tested at the Altoona track. In fact, we were one of the first manufacturers to send a cutaway bus to undergo durability testing at the Altoona testing facility, and we continue to test all our buses on a simulated Altoona test track at the manufacturing facility.

Many of the tests administered are completed at Penn State’s Altoona facility – a name trusted the world over for their comprehensive safety assessments.

Here are just some of the tests we have conducted on Champion® Buses:

  • FMVSS 207/210 – Seat Pull
  • FMVSS 220 – Roof Crush
  • FMVSS 221 – Joint Strength
  • FMVSS 302 – Fire Retardant
  • ECE-R66 – Rollover (3rd Party Tested)
  • Side Impact (3rd Party Tested)

To learn more about Altoona, you can head to https://www.altoonabustest.psu.edu/