Champion Bus

IntelliSYNC® Electronically Controlled “Smart” Suspension

The suspension system monitors the position of each sensor and makes adjustments when a consistent road condition deems it necessary. This “Smart” System maintains a smooth air ride and improves ride quality for all passengers. An electronically controlled and monitored suspension system benefits by design, being that it will not instantly overcompensate adjustments based on the varying road conditions, such as potholes, like mechanically controlled valves do.

Automatic Self-Leveling

Level floor throughout the passenger compartment regardless of the crown of the road. This feature in combination with the Equalizer Ramp™ removes any variances in passenger accessibility based on the exterior surface the vehicle is parked on or height of the surface on which the ramp is being deployed.

100% Duty Cycle Suspension Compressor

Eliminates wait time between kneeling cycles due to the high CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) compression rate. This compressor also raises and lowers the vehicle much faster than competing brands. Full air system recovery from a full vehicle (4-Point) “kneeled position” to vehicle ride height within 3.5 seconds is the industry’s best.

IntelliSYNC LCD Digital display3.5” LCD Digital Display

For real-time ramp / suspension system performance & diagnostics, the User Interface dash panel provides all vehicle suspension functionality, monitors overall vehicle suspension performance (kneel cycles, weight distributions, air pressures and more) and allows for real-time remote programming.

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